When it comes to your Quinceañera makeup look, there are several ideas that you can further beautify yourself with. We’re showing you all of the details now.

The Quinceañera is a milestone in a young Latina woman’s life. It represents a coming of age – a celebration of the transition from a girl to a woman. And like any other major life milestone, you want it to be perfect.

When imagining your Quinceañera, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is your dress. A beautiful, bright, cascading puffy dress that is fit for a princess. But the dress is only half of it.

When it comes to bringing together your look for the big day, you must master your Quinceañera makeup game.

Don’t let yourself be surprised when you look in the mirror. Here are some tips, tricks, and ideas to lock down your ideal Quinceañera look.

Match Your Makeup With Your Dress – Subtlety

Quinceañera dresses are well known for their bright colors. While you want your makeup to go with your dress, opting for similar color eyeshadows can end up hurting your look more than helping. Here’s some advice on complimenting Quinceañera makeup colors for the color dress you choose.


Red is a beautifully elegant color. When done right, you can achieve a sophisticated and graceful look effortlessly. However, this style can easily be soured by excessive eye shadow and thick red lipstick.

Let your dress do the talking by choosing more natural browns and bronzes for your eyeshadow and liners. For a slightly bolder look, try pairing your neutral eye makeup with a simple red lipstick.


When it comes to blue eye shadow, leave it to the show performers and fashion models. The hard truth is that blue makeup is tricky to pull off.

If you’ve chosen a blue dress for your Quinceañera, consider neutral colors with a blue accent instead. Try adding a little blue to the edge of an eyeliner wing. Some pink lipstick can also help make your look pop a bit more, too.


Yellow can be a hard color to pull off. But for a celebration such as a Quinceañera, a beautiful yellow dress can truly help you shine brighter than the sun.

As far as Quinceañera makeup with yellows, this is a great opportunity to bring in the gold! Bronze eyeshadows with golden tints will help create a flawless bright look. Go naked with neutral lipstick or add a little pizzazz with a stark red.


Perhaps the darkest of the traditional Quinceañera dress options, a purple dress allows for a wider variety of darker makeup ideas. Smokey eyes with a dark shade of indigo for accent can bring a level of intensity to your look that will leave your guests breathless.

A simple gloss or natural lipstick will help keep the focus on your eyes while adding its own elegance to your do.


Pink is an extremely versatile color. Especially when it comes to Quinceañera makeup.

Popular eye makeup colors include browns, grays, and subtle pinks. It’s even an option to mix the three to create a unique color perfect for your chosen shade of pink.

Pink lipstick, however, should be accompanied with primarily brown and bronze eye makeup as to not overload the desired look.

Choosing the Quinceañera Makeup Best For You

Your Quinceañera is all about one thing – you! Thus, it’s imperative that all parts of your outfit from your dress to your makeup is perfect.

Looking for advice on the right dress? Reach out to take the first step towards your dream Quinceañera today!