Any occasion that calls for a tuxedo is an important day. Whether it’s a wedding, school dance, or quinceanera, you want to look your best.

Tuxedos are so classy that most people think simply wearing one automatically makes you look fantastic. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. As with any other clothing item, it’s important to find the type of tuxedo that suits you best.

Obviously, your body type is one of the first considerations when looking for the perfect tuxedo. Additionally, the various lapel styles can dramatically alter your look.

To find the best tuxedo for you, read more about what styles fit each body type below.

Tall and Lean

Tall and lean men have it the easiest. Just about any style of tuxedo will look flattering on this body type.

How many buttons do you like on your tuxedo jacket? The two-button jacket is a classic look, but those with a tall and lean body type also look great in three or four button jackets.

Although they can wear just about any style, not everyone who is tall and lean feel confident with their body type. If you are self-conscious about being skinny, a double-breasted jacket will bulk you up. You can also look for jackets with shoulder padding to give yourself more cushion.

As for the pants, you can choose between pleated or flat front. Most people choose flat front as it conveys a more modern aesthetic.

Tall and Bulky

Those with a bulkier body type usually want a more slenderizing style.

For the jacket, choose the one button type to make the waist appear smaller. Thinner labels will make you appear longer and slimmer. The same effect is accomplished with a narrow tie.

A narrow leg trouser will have a slimming effect. Should you choose pleated trousers, make sure the pleats lie flat and do not stretch out. If they fit properly, they should be slimming as well.

Short and Lean

To appear taller, avoid any bulky clothing. That means to avoid items like a double-breasted jacket or shawl collar.

For short and lean body types, you need elongating pieces. Lower tuxedo jacket buttons and a vest with a narrow tie will make you appear taller.

Short and Bulky

For bulkier, short men, a shawl collar is preferable. However, make sure to select a tuxedo jacket with only one or two buttons. Again, narrow lapels will make you appear thinner.

You don’t want bulky clothing items as they will add to your natural bulk, making you look larger. Make sure to go for slim leg trousers as opposed to wide leg ones.

Best Type of Tuxedo for You

A tuxedo is an outfit with a lot of important history. They instantly elevate your look and bring class into any event. Of course, it’s important to choose the best tuxedo style for your body type.

Whether you’re tall and lean, tall and bulky, short and lean, or short and bulky, there is a perfect type of tuxedo to flatter your proportions. The right tuxedo will highlight your best features and minimize your worst ones.

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