Many girls celebrate their Sweet Sixteen, but, in Latin American countries, they celebrate their Quinceanera, or Sweet Fifteen. As a celebration rooted in Aztec tradition, it marks the transition from childhood to adulthood and calls for a gorgeous dress.

When you are the belle of the ball, work it for all it’s worth. Make sure you get the perfect Quinceanera dress accessories to take your look to the next level!

Quinceanera Dress Accessories

Finding the perfect accessory for your gorgeous dress is fun. The dresses are often enough, so you want to add accessories with class. There are plenty of traditional gifts that are given, but if you are not having the complete ceremony, you can just add them for style and effect.

1. Tiara

Who doesn’t love a tiara? There is something very elegant about wearing a headpiece full of jewels that gives us a feeling of royalty. It is your big day, so why not add a beautiful tiara to feel like the Princess you are celebrating.

This can be in addition to the crowning ceremony if you are following that tradition. If not, just wear the tiara with pride and grace. It symbolizes overcoming childhood and presenting a new adult in the form of a Princess for God and the world.

2. Bracelet/Armlet

Like a ring, the bracelet has significant meaning for a Quinceanera. The unending love. The bracelets are more than just a wrist piece. They are intricate and jeweled and go right up the arm.

The addition of a full arm bracelet with ring adds class and distinction. Whether you choose the wrist piece, the arm cuff or the armlet, you will stand out in glitter and glam.

Armlets, arm rings or armbands go back a long way and have different meanings. Warding off evil, symbols of luck or God’s continuous love, they are fashion accessories that add so much class and elegance to an affair of this caliber.

3. Jeweled Moneybag

The gift of money, gift cards, and other smaller items, like jewelry, will be kept safe and look good while you’re doing it. Intricate beaded or jewels, embroidery or even an older moneybag handed down from your family.

A moneybag goes deep in tradition, like weddings, sweet sixteen parties, and Quinceanera. Whether there is a dance where the money is thrown in or handed in a card, you can keep it safe in a gorgeous bag.

You can have your moneybag made out of the same material as your dress with a few added decorations. It looks elegant and serves a purpose, as well.

Bling My Dress

Whether you are following the traditional celebrations or just your own family style, you want to own that dress. When it comes to dress accessories, pick the ones you want. It is your day, after all.

Dressing and feeling like the Princess you deserve are what matters most. If you are looking for more ideas and tips for your celebration, here are some great makeup tips.