First known as a smoking, or smoking jacket, a tuxedo became the preferred name for this fancy suit in the late 1800s.

Nowadays, there’s no better option for something to wear to a wedding or quinceanera. But how much does it cost to rent a tux? It seems like a big sum for an outfit you’ll only wear once and return.

Let’s break down the actual costs and benefits of renting versus buying a tuxedo.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent A Tux?

Most people have to take cost into consideration when throwing their daughter a quinceanera (unlike this father who threw a $6 million party). You may also want to look at the style of tux you are interested in getting, as well as the events you regularly attend.


When you are considering whether to rent or buy a tux, the cost is usually the most important factor for event-goers. The most affordable way to get a tuxedo for a quinceanera, or any occasion, is to rent it. Buying a tuxedo will always be more expensive.

Expect to spend at least $1000 to purchase your tux, whereas if you choose to rent one, you’ll spend more like $200. If price is the deciding factor for you, you’ll definitely want to go with a rental.

Additional costs add up as well. Things like cufflinks, tie, shoes, vest or cummerbund, pocket square, and shirt can all rack up the price of your overall purchase. Those items are cheaper to rent than to purchase.


Each event you attend will be different, and it will likely require a different style. Brides and grooms choose specific tuxedos for their groomsmen to wear, and a quince is no different. Your daughter will want to help you choose an outfit.

Purchasing a new tuxedo for every event can be very cost prohibitive, at around $1000 a pop. That same bride will likely want you to have all different accessories, too. All the groomsmen need to match, after all.

We recommend renting a tux so that you keep your costs down. You’ll also won’t end up with a ton of tuxedos in your closet that you will never wear again.


How is your social calendar looking? If you have a lot of formal events to attend, it’s possible that some of your tuxedo rentals would require similar styles. If that’s the case, having a tuxedo in your closet at all times may be the answer.

But we’re willing to bet that most of the time, you don’t have so many invitations in your mailbox that you can justify the large purchase. More probably, the best choice for a regular guy with few formal occasions is a tuxedo rental.

Looking Fabulous

For any event, having the right outfit is so important. Now that you have an answer to “how much does it cost to rent a tux,” you should be well on your way to a great quinceanera.

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