Looking to have an unforgettable quinceanera celebration? This is a special moment in your life, so make sure you enjoy it to the fullest.

Planning the perfect Quince takes preparation and little imagination.

Read our top tips to have an affordable quinceanera that everyone will love to attend.

1. Get Crafty

One option to have an affordable quinceanera is to start designing centerpieces yourself.

Work with your friends and family to cut out your own party decor to save extra money. Look on Pinterest to find inspiration from other Quince celebrations.

Reduce your expenses by taking on your own party decorations by hand.

2. Borrow a Friend’s Dress

If you have other girlfriends who have already had their own Quinces, talk to them. See if you can borrow one of their dresses for your special day.

You can wear one of their dresses and add your own personalization with the earrings and necklace you choose to add some sparkle to your look.

3. Ask Your Godparents for Help

Don’t leave every expense up to your parents.

Ask your godparents to pitch in to pay for the cake, photographer, venue, dress, or food.

4. Compare Package Prices

Look at many venues before you decide on the right one to host your Quince.

There are places that offer package deals to cut down on the total cost associated with having such a lavish party.

5. Save Money Working Jobs to Pay for Your Affordable Quinceanera

As a young woman, you should take some responsibility for helping out with your Quince.

Work at a local bookstore or help babysit the neighborhood kids to keep raising more funds to pay for your big day.

It’ll feel amazing knowing you were able to afford pretty flowers and a delicious cake thanks to the money you saved up working hard.

6. Ask Your Favorite Restaurants for a Quote

You should serve your favorite food at your quinceanera, right?

Visit the restaurants in your favorite area and see what they will charge you to cater your event.

Some places will offer discounts if you order enough food for your party too.

7. Have Guests Take Photos

With technology continuing to get better and better, the need to hire a professional photographer just doesn’t seem worth the money these days.

Have your guests take their own photos throughout your special day. Create a hashtag to keep track of all of the photos posted on Instagram and Facebook too.

8. Have a Friend Do Your Makeup

Save even more money having the ultimate quinceanera on a budget by having a close friend do your makeup on the day of your party.

Follow a YouTube tutorial on the exact look you wish to recreate for your Quince because they are usually easy to do!

9. Send Online Invites

Don’t waste time and money sending out invites through the mail.

Most people are quick to respond to a simple email that explains when and where they can expect to show up on the day of your event.

10. Have Your Party during the Week

Save you and your family tons of money by having your Quince during the week.

Most venues book up for the weekends, as couples get married on Saturdays and Sundays, so you can definitely check out these days to enjoy your celebration.

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