Almost 400,000 Hispanic girls celebrate their 15th birthday with a quinceanera each year. With so many quinceaneras, how will you make your celebration unique?

Read on to learn more about the best quinceanera table decorations that will make your quinceanera memorable!

What is a Quinceanera?

Quinceanera comes from the Latin American word for 15. It’s the traditional celebration of a young girl’s entrance into womanhood. The quinceanera is believed to have been practiced in ancient times.

The traditions of the modern celebration are credited to President Porfirio Diaz. He adopted many European customs in the late 1800s.

If you want to make your quinceanera stand out, take a look at the best decorating trends for 2018.

And don’t forget to include the four most important elements in your quinceanera celebration.


Many girls choose modern themes for their quinceanera.

Disney themes, such as Beauty and Beast and Cinderella are great examples. You can dress as Belle from Beauty and Beast and play the soundtrack from the movie.

Beauty and the Beast quinceanera table decorations such as candelabras and pretty china add the perfect touch.

If you want to stick with a more traditional theme, go with pastel colors, emerald green or red. It’s easy to find matching table decor in traditional colors.

Other themes include a single color theme, a destination theme, or a garden party theme.

Single color themes make decorating a breeze. Pick your favorite color and a complementary accent color. Mix and match the colors and accent colors for tableware, flowers, and accessories.

A destination theme is also fun. Want to go to Paris or Spain? Pick your color and decorations based on the destination. Try a mini Eiffel Tower in the middle of each table.

A garden party theme is great for a spring quinceanera. If you’re on a budget, be sure and stick to one or two types of flowers to keep the cost down.

Memorable Quinceanera Table Decorations

If you want them to remember your quinceanera, design memorable quinceanera tables.

Once you’ve picked your table shapes and sizes, you’re ready to concentrate on the centerpieces, tableware, and decorations. There are a few do’s and don’ts for centerpieces.

Remember to keep your tall centerpieces above eye height and your short centerpieces below chin height. This way your guests can converse without the centerpieces blocking their view.

Pick tableware that matches or complements your theme. Are you using a garden party theme? Use pretty floral china with delicate teacups.

Outstanding Head Table

Make your head table stand out with the most memorable quinceanera table decorations.

Place the head table in the center of the room or at one end. Try raising the height, adding a few extra pops of color, and some uplighting. Use colored lightbulbs reflecting your theme.

Decorate the head table with an extra-large bouquet. If the table’s at the end of the room, add a beautifully decorated backdrop.

Are You Ready to Plan Your Quinceanera?

Don’t forget that it can take a year or more to plan your special day. From the venue to ordering your dress, be sure you leave enough time.

If you’re ready to start planning, check out our many service offerings here.