A quinceanera can be a sign of a family’s hard work. As a result, many families go all out when the time to plan one finally arrives.

In the end, they spend thousands of dollars making preparations. Those preparations ensure that their children’s special days are as wonderful as they always dreamed they would be.

Of course, you already know this. In fact, you’re planning on attending a quinceanera soon.

But before you attend the celebration, you’ve got to decide which tuxedo styles are good fits for the quince.

Thankfully, we’ve already got you covered. Here are a few of our best tips for choosing tuxedo styles for the big day.

Go for Matching Color Accents

As a chambelane, you have a responsibility to confer with your date to figure out how to coordinate your outfits. That said, coordinating your outfits isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Your instinct might be to choose a tux that is the same color as your date’s outfit. But here’s the problem with this approach:

It’s overkill in many cases.

We recommend taking a more subtle approach. Try matching color accents instead matching entire outfits. If your date is wearing a pink dress, for example, you could go with a pink tie and stick a pink handkerchief in your tux’s breast pocket.

When in doubt, you can also go for the classic chambelane getup. This look is simple: a pure black or white slim-fit tux, a matching jacket, and straight-leg pants.

If you go this route, there’s no way you’ll upstage your date. It is, after all, designed to emphasize your date’s outfit.

Match the Tuxedo Styles to the Quince

Themed quinceaneras can be loads of fun. Unfortunately, though, confidently selecting a tux that matches the quince’s theme can be tough.

Our best advice to you here is not to overthink things. If the quince’s theme is “Star and Stripes,” a red, blue, or white suit could suffice. Especially if your tie or handkerchief has a theme-appropriate flag pattern.

Of course, matching your tux to a theme isn’t always that easy. When you’re attending a Paris-themed quinceanera or a hero-themed quince, things get a little harder.

In those cases, you can always ask for assistance at the shop while picking out a tuxedo. Many of the sales assistants have probably helped enough chambelanes pick out tuxedos to point you in the right direction.

Personalize Your Style

Your clothing choices reflect and affect your self-image. So when you’re picking out your tuxedo, remember to inject a bit of your personality into your tux.

Let’s say, for instance, that you’re attending a hero-themed quinceanera. Why not, then, try wearing a superhero tee underneath your tux’s jacket?

But here’s a word of caution: Always check with the person who’s organizing the party before finalizing your outfit. Sometimes attempts to add personality to your clothing don’t translate well.

Party in Style

After you’ve gone through all of the available tuxedo styles and selected one, there’s not much left to do. Now you can sit back, relax, and await the quinceanera.

When it arrives, just remember to party in style.

And if any chambelanes still have questions about selecting a tux? They should reach out to us. We know a thing or two about planning for quinceaneras.