When it comes to deciding on Quiceanera themes for the big celebration, the opportunities are endless. We’re bringing you a guide to great themes in this post.

Your little niña is turning 15 – that means it’s time for her Quinceanera!

Your daughter’s Quinceanera will be a special day for her and it’s up to you to make it one she’ll always remember.

Have no worries though, there are endless amounts of Quinceanera themes you can choose from for you hija.

Follow this guide for tips and suggestions on how to make it the best possible Quinceanera!

Before You Decide

Before you go booking a venue and sending out the invitations, take a minute to think about some details.

Here are some things to take into consideration before you even think about Quinceanera themes:

  • Your Budget: Once you know if you’ll have an extravagant fiesta or have a slightly tighter budget, picking out what themes and decorations to go with becomes clearer.
  • Your Daughter: Unless you’re planning a surprise Quinceanera, your daughter will have lots of input on the decisions. Keep in mind what type of music, movies, books, etc. that your baby girl loves.
  • The Guests: Will your guests be expected to dress up for your theme?
  • Color Scheme: Do you and your daughter have a certain “look” you want for the party? If you want there to be lots of pinks and red, an outer space or under the water theme won’t work.

Maravilloso Quinceanera Themes

With this list, we’re going to take a step outside the box. While a princess themed party or a fairytale party are always a classic, we’re going to look at more unique quinceanera themes.

Candy Theme

Full of loud and bright colors, this theme is ideal for any girl with a sweet tooth.

Large candy wrappers are easy to make and a bowl of different types of candy makes a perfect table centerpiece.


Get your popcorn ready for this one!

A red carpet as you enter is a great touch that your daughter and her friends will love to take pictures on.

You can line the walls with old style film reels made from cardboard and movie posters.

Flower Power

Another colorful theme, you can get inspiration from a certain flower like a tulip or daffodil or make your party look like a beautiful garden. Plus with flowers as your centerpiece, her quinceanera will smell great!

With a flower themed party, a puffy, feathered dress is a great look because the bottom of the dress will look like petals of a flower.

Fruits and desserts can easily be decorated and arranged to look floral

Artic Paradise

A winter wonderland is a great quinceanera theme for those with winter birthdays.

While it will drive up the budget, you can go all out with Artic Paradice with an ice sculpture that is sure to be a hit with all the guests!

Lots of ice cream, lots of blue and white colors, and lots of cotton for fake snow will make sure everyone thinks your daughter’s party is cool (pun intended)!

Hawaiian Luau

The complete opposite of a winter wonderland.

Greet your guests at the door with a lei and bring them to a tropical destination.

Flowers, leis, and tropical fruit like pineapple and mangos are all must haves. And it’s not Hawai’i if there are no coconuts!

The Hawaiian theme is a great theme to have if you want to have the quinceanera outside by a pool or beach!

You can use one of our themes above or use the tips to help plan your own theme. But above all, enjoy this momentous time in your daughter’s life and have a blast planning and celebrating her Quinceanera!