Your Quinceañera is a magical affair. You’ve dreamed about it for as long as you can remember. With the big day approaching, have you thought about your theme?

A theme can pull a party together and make it a truly memorable event. 

Quinceañera ideas can range from subtle to grand, so it’s important to think about what theme YOU relate to most. We’ve compiled a list of the six best Quinceañera ideas to make your big day unforgettable!

1. Enchanted Forest

When you think about wandering into an enchanted forest, like those in fairy tales, what first comes to mind? Earthy greens and a woodsy feel? 

For an enchanted forest Quince, you’ll want the decor to feel like you’ve walked into the pages of a book. Think rustic, beige lanterns, earth-toned linens, and splashes of glitter.  Mason jars with twinkle lights aplenty will set the tone for your guests.

As for your dress, go for one with sequins. You can’t look anything less than magic when you sparkle!

2. Mariachi

While not a new theme among Quinceañera ideas, the Mariachi theme is one that stands the test of time for good reason. Also called “Charro” themed, this style of event connects back with Mexican culture.

You will need three bold colors to build your theme around. Traditionally, you can go with the colors of the Mexican flag. You can lso incorporate up to six vibrant colors.

This is one of the Quinceañera ideas that lends itself to a bigger dress. You may also want to look for a gown with embroidery on it for that authentic feel.

3. Under The Sea 

With stunning aquatic colors and ocean-inspired decor, this is one party where your imagination is the limit. Think shades of teal and blue with orange and purple pepper throughout for both decor and dress.

For a truly magical deep sea party, try a fitted mermaid dress that’s totally on trend.

4. Great Gatsby

What better way to really glam it up than the time-tested Great Gatsby themed party

For the color scheme, go for as much gold as possible. Try metallic fabrics for linens and golden candle holders. Centerpieces should be a unified color, white or peach flows very well with the theme.

Centerpieces should be a unified color. White or peach flows very well with the theme. Be sure to throw in some feather accents for that roaring twenties feel.

Your dress will be sure to wow in shades of champagne or rose gold with pearl accessories. This style also lends itself to glitzy headpieces reminiscent of the Gatsby-era parties.

5. Black and White

Nothing says classy like timeless black and white! To give your event that extra oomph, give guests a formal dress code.

Try mixing and matching patterns like stripes and polka dots in black and white across the event for a creative feel. 

A traditional white dress, signifying your coming of age is always appropriate at a black and white affair. You can also spice it up with an accent belt, headpiece or jewelry.

6. Princess

What better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than with a royal themed party? 

Decorate the space with lots of romantic tulle and sparkles. Centerpieces may feature crowns and tiaras as well.

Your dress makes the night! Quince dresses are already Princess-inspired, so you have lots of options to find the perfect one! 

The Sky’s The Limit!

Many times, you may find the perfect dress and then build a theme around it. There is no wrong way to plan!

Armed with this list of amazing Quinceañera ideas and thoughts of your dream dress, you’re well on your way to an unforgettable affair.