Disney and your quinceanera already have one thing in common: they’re both magical! If you want to throw a Disney quinceanera, you should find the most fun and immersive ideas to make it work.

Luckily, Disney makes this easy. There are already so many amazing worlds they’ve created to throw yourself into: you can truly get lost in any one of their cinematic universes.

So be excited for your special day! Use these five tips to make your party something special.

Go With a Moana-Inspired Tropical Party

Moana has become one of the most praised films by Disney. Its engrossing beach-like atmosphere and its strong heroine are perfect for your Disney quinceanera.

The beach could be a great place to do this. But be warned: your guests should be aware so they dress appropriately.

If you do throw a beach party, be sure to have a backup plan. Your quinceanera is one of the most important days of your life: getting rained out could ruin it.

No matter what you do, Moana is a great theme for this incredible event.

For a More Gothic Disney Quinceanera, Consider Nightmare Before Christmas

If you want something a bit darker, A Nightmare Before Christmas is one of the perfect films for your party. The gothic stylings of the flick are perfect if you want something a bit edgy.

There are a lot of cool ways to make this party work. You can wear a black dress or try out an in-depth makeup tutorial. Overall, one of the most misunderstood Disney movies can be perfect for your quinceanera.

Have Matching Baked Goods

Whatever theme you go with, the food and dessert at your party should match it. There are a lot of fun and creative ways to do this.

If you’re throwing a My Little Mermaid themed party, for instance, have seashell shaped cookies. If you consider yourself a cake artist, you can make the shells out of frosting or fondant and put them on your dessert.

People remember the food at most parties. So make the food incredibly memorable at yours.

Use the Mickey Mouse Plate Arrangement

This is one of the easiest ways to boost a Disney theme. We all know the famous Mickey Mouse logo. You should use it while setting up plates full of snacks at your party.

If you have chips and dip, you can put a large plate of chips in the center with two small dip bowls occupying the ear position. Similarly, plates of cookies can go in this position next to the cake. Overall, this is a fun way to boost your theme.

Wear the Best Dress

Whether you’re throwing a Disney quinceanera or one of another theme, you should wear the best dress. At Lili’s Creations, we’re dedicated to selling high-quality fashion to make this day as special as possible for you.

The right dress can make you feel better than the best Disney princess. Contact us to find yours.