It’s one of the biggest moments of a young woman’s life: the quinceanera. Many girls dream of the moment almost as much as their wedding day. If you find yourself planning a quince celebration, you want to be sure to make it memorable for the special lady!

Like any other party, a quinceanera takes some time and preparation to pull off. Thankfully, it isn’t too difficult to get a jump start. This article offers six tips for you to make the planning process pain free and the final moment memorable.

Read on to learn how you should be planning a fabulous celebration. 

The Guest List

One of the most important things you need to figure out ahead of time is how many people you need to plan on dealing with. You will have to multiply the amount of food, party favors, activities, and other details for each additional guest.

A concrete guest list is important to create as one of your first steps. Start with the family and friends you want to invite and work from there. You can even set a hard number of people in case you have a limited amount of space or funds.


Along with the guest list, a budget is key to having a relatively pain free planning experience. Quinceaneras can quickly become expensive, typically around $5,000 and more if you are splurging on the small, fancy little additions like top notch food and decorations. 

Set a concrete number for your budget right away. This will help you prioritize what expenses are more important than others. 

Party Favors

There are plenty of quince traditions you can draw from for some party favors. Party favors for the guests can include any little gifts or activities. These are great for kids and adults alike since they add to the overall experience.

You can even make the favors fit the party’s overall theme.


A quince celebration is first and foremost a get-together. What better way to make everyone feel at home than by offering good food? The food selection is one area that offers a lot of options at different price points.

Go traditional, thematic, or make things unique.

Honor The Guests

It’s good to make the guests feel welcomed. While the main event is all about the party girl, it’s good to take a moment to honor your guests. You can also make them feel special through specific games or activities that include everyone in the whole party experience.

Have Backup Plans

No party is going to go according to plan. Even if you spend months planning out every little detail, something is going to go wrong. Missing guests, bad weather, a shortage of food, you name it; when something goes wrong, you need to be prepared.

Have a couple of backup plans to stay on track.

The Best Quince Celebration

This celebration should be special for everyone. With a little bit of planning, you can make sure that everyone will walk away with good memories.

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