Nearly 90% of people believe it’s important to celebrate someone’s birthday.

However, for young Latina girls, there’s no birthday like the 15th. It’s the day when all eyes are on you, and you’re the star of the show.

But if you want an authentic quince experience, it’s important to mix modernity with tradition. This helps you get the best of both worlds.

Keep reading to find out which quinceanera traditions you need to have on your checklist!

1. The First Dance

A good quince starts off with one of most touching moments of the night: the father-daughter dance. This represents the first dance a young woman shares with a man. Typically, if the father is not present, either a male family member or the mother takes his place.

Long before the event, the father and daughter decide on a song for their dance. Of course, you can go with a classic waltz, or you choose from more original quince songs.

After you and your father finish dancing, your escort should approach him and ask for his permission to dance with you.

2. The Court of Honor

The star of every quince is the quinceanera herself. That said, it’s tradition for the birthday girl to have a court surrounding her.

Normally, a court of honor has 14 damas (girls) and 14 chambelanes (boys). That said, some families choose to have only 7 of each.

Members of the court consist of family members and close friends. The damas all wear matching dresses while the chambelanes sport matching tuxes. The court also joins the quinceanera after she finishes dancing with her father.

3. The Candle Lighting

A quince presents the opportunity for the quinceanera to honor her loved ones. This is usually done during the candle lighting ceremony.

The candle lighting involves 15 of the birthday girl’s closest family and friends. As music plays, they walk up individually to the stage and receive a candle from the quinceanera.

Sometimes, the birthday girl delivers a short speech about each person. That said, this isn’t always the case.

At the end of the ceremony, the birthday girl blows out the candles.

4. The Last Doll

The purpose of a quince is to celebrate a young girl’s transition into adulthood. Nothing symbolizes this better than the last doll.

The last doll is a toy that the father gives to the birthday girl. The doll is typically decorated with clothing similar to the birthday girl’s dress.

It’s important to choose a doll that you want to keep. Over time, it will serve as one of your best reminders of your party.

5. The Quinceanera Dress

Most young latina girls dream about their perfect quince dress. It’s one of the quintessential quinceanera traditions. Paired with the perfect quinceanera makeup, the right dress can take anyone’s breath away.

Traditionally, quince dresses were either white or light pink. But these days, you can choose any color that reflects your personality or style.

Also, deciding on the style of the dress is important too. Some girls prefer trendy styles such as princess cuts. However, traditional dresses remain very popular.

Final Thoughts on Quinceanera Traditions

The best quinceanera traditions lead to cherishable memories with your family. By including the traditions mentioned above, you can guarantee an unforgettable experience.

It’s best to start planning 8-12 months before the big event. This ensures you find the right venue and dress. It also gives you enough time to put your court together.

When preparing for the event, think about how elaborate you want your dance to be. If you really want to blow your guests away, you and your court members will need to set aside extra practice time.

If you’re looking for a stunning quinceanera dress, feel free to contact us today!