Are you in the middle of your quinceanera planning, but you’re stuck coming up with dance ideas?

You want to wow your guests with your dance choreography. If you’re considering hiring a dance choreographer, you’re on the right path.

This guide will show you everything you need to consider before hiring a choreographer.

Consider Your Budget

Your quinceanera is a once in a lifetime moment, so It might seem like money should be no object when you want to plan the best party ever. This isn’t always the case talk to your parents about the budget before you start your quinceanera planning.

If you want fairy tale choreography, you might have to set aside at least $1000. Depending on the choreographer you might be paying an average of $50 an hour. You might need at least 10 sessions depending on the complexity of the dance.

Some choreographers offer packages that are more affordable when you pay for classes in bulk.

What type of Dance Do do You want?

Popular choreographed dances include waltz, modern, bachata, salsa, samba and many others. If you have a theme, pick the style of music that will go better, but you can also mix it up for your surprise-dance,

Before settling on a choreographer, ask if they have experience choreographing your style and music. They can show you previous videos of their choreographed routines.

Will Your Choreographer Provide the Music?

Unless you or a friend know how to mix and produce music, you might need your choreographer to provide you with a great mixed track.

When you interview choreographers, ask them if the music is included in the price of the classes. Almost al choreographers provide the music when you sign up of one of their packages.

If music is extra and it’s not in your budget, ask your choreographer for a few tips.

Do You Have a Place to Rehearse?

Most choreographers travel to your location, so make sure you have a place to rehearse. It needs to be large enough to accommodate your dancers.

The average quinceanera choreography includes 15 dancers, so your rehearsal space needs to be big enough for everyone to move around.

If you don’t have a place to rehearse you could always rent a dance studio. The average cost of renting a studio is about $40 an hour and can go up depending on the number of participants.

Can You Manage the Logistics?

How will your chambelanes and damas get to rehearsal? Your choreography should take about 3 months to rehearse to ensure everyone has time to learn the steps.

Coordinating for teenagers to get to the rehearsal space could get tricky because you must find a time that works for everyone. Do you need to figure out who will be handling the carpool?

How many times of week will rehearsals take place? Is everyone willing to practice evenings or weekends?

You also need to ask your dancers if they’re willing to put in the time commitment required.

What is Your Favorite Part of Quinceanera Planning?

Now that you’ve called the choreographer, what else do you need to do to make your quinceanera perfect?

Leave us a comment and tell us about your favorite quinceanera party planning tips.

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