Want to bring the wonderland into your winter Quinceanera?

If you’re lucky enough to have a winter birthday, it’s absolutely possible to throw the most magical, snowy Quinceanera celebration for you and your guests — and have it be realistic, memorable, and authentic.

Let your creative juices flow, and read on to learn about how to plan your upcoming winter wonderland Quinceanera!

1. Choose a Wintry and Light Color Theme

Starting out with the perfect color theme is the first step to planning your winter wonderland Quinceanera. Most girls will work with hues of light blue, touches of navy, and vast spreads of white, gold, and glitter.

Choose a base theme that will be foundational throughout your decor, such as white. Remember to not overwhelm

2. Bring the Wonderland Inside

Winter wonderland themes are harder to accomplish at outdoor venues, so make sure you select an indoor venue for your Quinceanera.

Once you do, bring the wonderland inside — decorate the area with wintry silver trees, use blue and sparkly lighting, and hang snowflakes from the ceiling. Incorporate other accessories like a guest book, silver toasting flutes, and snowflake-adorned name cards.

3. Match Your Theme With Your Dress

Your dress, of course, is going to be one of the most important elements of the celebration, and a key factor to carrying your theme.

Think ice princess here. Go for gowns with full white skirts with blue overlays, or choose a dress that gleams and sparkles under the light. Your court should also reflect similar themes.

4. Don’t Forget the Cake and Favors

The cake is a great opportunity for you to really show off your wintry theme. Tiered white cakes provide great bases for snowflake and silver appliques. Make sure you display your cake with a sparkly silver tablecloth beneath or something similar.

Other girls choose to do individual cupcakes or to have a hot cocoa bar.

Send your guests home with their own tangible memory of the evening. Give the girls snowflake jewelry or ice crystal figurines. Gift the boys bubbles and ice-pops.

5. Dream a Little for Your Winter Wonderland Quinceanera

The best way to bring magic into your wintry Quinceanera is to dream big. Browse images of real winter wonderlands or from the movie Frozen and think about ways that you can bring these to life.

Successful winter Quinceaneras have had ice sculptures, for example, or even ice skating rinks.

The Perfect Winter Wonderland Quinceanera

It is easy to plan the ideal winter Quinceanera, particularly if you start planning early and dream big!

When you are planning your celebration, start out by choosing your color scheme. This will make it easier to choose your dress, cake, party favors, and other decorations. Make sure you select an indoor venue to make it easier to bring the wonderland inside.

At Lill’s Creations, we can help you bring the magic into your next Quinceanera, no matter the wonderland. Our gorgeous selection of dresses and accessories shows our attention to what matters on this special day: you and your bright future!

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