Is your Winter Formal dance around the corner but you’re stumped when it comes to selecting the right tux?

Girls have endless dresses to choose from when it comes to selecting an outfit for the special occasion. But they’re not alone. Men can have fun too when it comes to getting ready for the big dance and men’s winter fashion shouldn’t be overlooked.

Check out these tips for picking the perfect tuxedo.

The Fit

When you’re heading to a formal event, you want to look your best. The number one way to rock your suit is to have it fit like a glove. You could pick out the coolest looking tuxedo but if it’s ill-fitting, that will be the only thing that stands out, and not in a good way.

Whether you’re renting or buying, you can ensure the tux is tailored to you. Even tux rentals will tailor and adjust your tux at a fitting, making it feel like a customized suit.

The number one problem we often find is that people get a tux that fits too loosely. They’re too baggy and people are swimming in them. Sure, this makes wearing them more comfortable, you have more room to breathe after all.

But they aren’t meant to be sweat suits! They’re supposed to be fitted and sharp looking. The sales associate will also be able to help you with key sizing components like how the jacket sleeve should show half an inch of shirt cuff or that if an “x” shape appears when you button the tux jacket, that signals it’s too small.

Make a checklist ahead of time of all the areas you want to consider and remind the associate to double check all those areas are in keeping with the usual fitting rules.

The Color & Fabric

Any special occasion is a chance to let your personality shine. While black is a classic tuxedo choice, you don’t have to stick to it in order to stay true to the dress code.

Tuxedo’s come in a variety of colors so think outside the box and allow your personal style to show through the outfit. If you want to keep it subtle, consider a deep navy blue with black piping. If you want something more extreme, consider a deep purple, red or green.

You can also feel free to mix and match the jacket and pant colors, they don’t necessarily have to be the same. If you go with a pop of color for the jacket, consider keeping the pants black so you don’t clash.

Don’t be afraid to select a tux in a different fabric. Velvet tuxedos are especially trendy during the cooler months and send a signal of sophistication. Alternative fabrics are a great way to do something unique when you still want to keep the color palette neutral.

The Shirt

If you don’t want to venture outside the box with the jacket and pants, maybe the shirt is where you take the plunge. You can always opt for a classic white. You can’t go wrong with that hue.

However, a black tuxedo shirt can make a typical tuxedo ultra cool and, adding a splash of color to your shirt spices up the outfit altogether without taking it too far over the top. Regardless of what shirt you select, be sure it’s a tuxedo shirt, not just a regular dress shirt.

Follow These Men’s Winter Fashion Tips and Head to Your Formal in Style

Refer to some of these tips above and you’ll look great for your big night. You can’t go wrong when considering the men’s winter fashion tips which include rich colors and luxurious fabrics.

We’d love to help you find the perfect tuxedo for your winter formal. Contact us today with any questions or come to visit our store!