Today, the formal wear and costume rental industries in the United States are worth a whopping $506 million.

From proms to birthdays, weddings, and various other grand events, people always need dresses and suits.

But, some of the most glamorous and contributing events are Quinceaneras or Sweet 15s.

These Hispanic events celebrate the transition from childhood to womanhood in Mexican and South American countries.

But, they also demand a high level of preparation. And, one of the toughest aspects of these events is coordinating outfits between the damas and chambelanes, or young women and men.

While most women get a kick from shopping for dresses and accessories, it can be tough for the men to match their dates.

With this in mind, here’s a guide on the simplest way to rent quinceanera suits for chambelanes.

Choosing Between a Small and Large Formal Wear Rental Shop

Before you can choose your perfect suit, you have to decide whether you want to shop in a small or large shop.

Smaller shops won’t offer as much choice as larger ones, especially if you wait until last minute. That said, if you go early, they may have a unique selection of suits.

Larger shops will have a variety of sizes, colors, and styles to choose from. They may also order your perfect suit if they don’t have it in store.

Smaller shops will pay attention to detail. That said, larger ones may have quicker fitting and tailoring turnaround times.

Getting Measured in Plenty of Time

When it comes to tuxedos for quinceanera chambelanes, you should get fitted and measured one to two months in advance. This will give the shop the time to make any final amendments in plenty of time for your big event.

Also, once you have your tux, you can buy all your extra accessories to match.

Choose Tasteful Color Accents

There are no limits when it comes to colors for quinceaneras. The key is to mix and match colors in various shades to make sure you blend with the court. For example, you could mix:

  • Pink and orange
  • Blue and Purple
  • Varying shades of green

As chambelanes, you must complement your damas. With this in mind, you don’t have to match every article of clothing and accessory. Simply make sure you choose tasteful color accents.

Don’t Clash With Your Court

Chambelanes tuxedos shouldn’t clash with the women’s gowns and accessories. It’s one thing to choose bold accessories, another to mix and match opposite colors that don’t follow the theme of the event.

Ask the quinceanera for the color scheme and stick to it. You could ask for a photograph of her dress or a sample piece of material.

Also, ask other chambelanes if they’re renting a black tuxedo for a more modern look or if they’re wearing colored suits.

Find Quinceanera Suits for Chambelanes at Lilis Creations

Choosing between quinceanera suits for chambelanes can be daunting. It’s important that you match your suit with the rest of the guests.

While it’s a big decision that can cost you a small fortune, renting can be a great alternative that can save you a lot of money.

If you believe renting your suit is the best option, visit Lili’s Creations today. We stock a variety of quinceanera suits and gowns that are perfect for your big day.