You’ve found your perfect dress and your group of girls to go to the party with. Now what? Although it’s easy to become excited and preoccupied with your friend’s upcoming Quinceañera, don’t leave the lady of the hour empty handed on her special day.

We’ve compiled a list of great gifts to give the Quinceañera that doesn’t break the bank. From customized necklaces to unicorn slippers, you’re sure to find a fun gift any Quinceañera would love!


Customized Necklace. Gift her with a dainty and sweet keepsakes that’s customized especially for her.


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Unicorn Slippers. Today, the Quinceañera will feel like a unicorn in a field of horses. So it’s no wonder why this is the perfect gift to give the newly 15-year-old. Plus, who wouldn’t want to slip on adorable slippers after a full night of partying?

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Assorted Pins. What better way to show your love and appreciation than with stylish pins that describes her life perfectly.


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Latina Sweatshirt. This sweatshirt will surely make the birthday girl feel magically special on her special day.


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Meme Hat. Gift the perfect  dad hat that lets her know it’s none of your business how much time they spend on the internet.

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Concert Merch. Does she have a favorite music artist? Gift her with her favorite merch shirt to sport at her next concert.


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Bestie Phone Case. She’ll never go anywhere without her coffee, phone, and best friend. So if this phone case doesn’t fit perfectly, we don’t know what does!


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Personalized Frame. Nothing is more memorable than an adorable picture of the gang framed in custom picture frame!


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Galaxy Skateboard.  She may be too young for her own set of wheels, but in the meantime, this really awesome skateboard should do it.


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Movie Projector. Just imagine all the cool movie nights she can host with this perfect gift?!

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