From tiki themed birthday celebrations to winter wonderland weddings, you’ve seen your fair share of uniquely themed parties. This 15-year-old, however, takes the cake for most creative party with her Beauty and The Beast-themed quinceañera.

On her special day, Jaylene Vega dressed in a gorgeous navy blue gown accompanied with a bright red rose. Next to her was her Chambelan, dressed as the Beast, wearing a blue suit to match.  The two led the party with a traditional waltz followed by the Baile Sorpresa.

Jaylene’s table was decorated with a roses in glass jars, and she cut into a yellow tiered cake that perfectly resembled the one from the fairytale movie. How many times Jaylene watched the Disney movie to get her party just right, we’ll never know. But thankfully, the new version of Beauty and the Beast is now on Netflix, so we can all reenact our favorite scenes whenever we want — even if we’re not rehearsing for an upcoming quinceañera.

Watch the video above to see this incredible Beauty and The Beast-inspired quinceañera and find inspiration for yours!