We couldn’t believe our eyes when we read about Maya Henry’s $6 Million Quinceanera! When your birthday is a celebrity-studded affair including performances by Pitbull and Nick Jonas, a price tag like that is to be expected!

Even the average costs of a Quinceanera can run between $5,000-$20,000 depending on the venue, number of guests and more.

Of course, not all families are in a position to spend thousands of dollars on a birthday party, so we’ve put together a quick list of budget-friendly Quinceanera theme ideas to help you get started with your party planning.

5 Amazing Quinceanera Theme Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Vintage Theme

One of the reasons a vintage theme is a great budget-friendly option is that you can buy many of your decorations and accessories from second-hand shops.

Pick your favorite decade and research the trends of that time for everything from music to how celebrities dressed for fashion shows. With the recent popularity of the 1920s thanks to films like The Great Gatsby, this is an easy theme to buy decorations and accessories for.

With all of these themes, another way to keep costs down is by doing your own hair and makeup. Instead, find hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube and practice them with your friends for the months leading up to your Quinceanera. You will gain a useful skill and save money at the same time!

Magical Garden Party Theme

An elegant garden party is an easy Quinceanera theme idea because you don’t need many decorations to pull this look together.

Buy some fairy lights to hang in the trees or over the fences of your backyard. For this theme, you can also make DIY centerpieces for each table.

Buy some decorative bowls from a second-hand store and then fill them with water and a few candles. When it is getting dark, have one of the adults go around lighting the candles and they’ll look like beautiful floating fireflies.

Favorite Color

This is an easy Quinceanera theme idea that has a great visual aesthetic!

Pick a vibrant color like purple or royal blue and encourage your guests to incorporate that color somewhere in their outfit. The easiest and most cost-effective way to do this is to add a sash to your dress.

Visit your local tailor, and ask them if they can make you a few of these in your color of choice in case some of your friends can’t find anything.

For decorations, having a set of colors to guide you will make shopping a breeze. This is another theme where DIY centerpieces are easy – go to your local craft store and buy some clear vases and either stones or gems in your color of choice.

Remember, it’s all about making your party pop with color!

International Potluck

Another expensive part of a Quinceanera is the food for your guests. But with an international potluck, the guests bring food for you! Encourage them to make their favorite dishes that are served at big parties in their home nation and feel like you’re traveling the world for your party.

You can also ask the guests to email you copies of each of their recipes and put it together as a small book for your guests to take home with them after the party.

Favorite Destination

Along with a similar idea as the International Potluck, using your dream destination as the theme for your party is a fun and easy way to plan your party!

For decorations, print out some oversized images of tourist attractions from this destination that you can use a photo booth backgrounds and you can even get creative with props as well!!

More Budget-Friendly Ideas

The key to budget-friendly Quinceanera theme ideas is to look at the services that you need for your party, and figure out how you can do them yourself anyway. Some other examples include skipping a photographer (since you and your friends will be taking tons of pictures anyways!) and setting up a digital playlist instead of having an expensive DJ.
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