Your little girl’s quinceanera is something you have been dreaming to give her all her life.

Now, the time has almost come and the planning is underway!

While you’re shopping for the perfect dress and trying to find the right venue, don’t forget about the little details.

Every aspect of the quinceanera matters – right down to the invitations you send out. You can’t go with any old email invite and even personal phone calls won’t do.

Here are four quinceanera invitation ideas to consider that are sure to make guests feel welcome and wowed.

1. Stylish Stationary

Stationary is the most traditional of all quinceanera invitation ideas.

But, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

Choose a stationary set that matches the theme of the party. This could be something that is the same color, or a compliment to the setting of the party.

Consider adding some personal touches to a standard set, too.

Try tracing the outer borders with lace or personalizing the envelopes before you send them out. This creates a more intimate approach to an easy, age-old way of getting invitations taken care of.

2. Customized Fold-Out Cards

Another way to put a twist on a classic invitation card is to make it a fold-out set.

This is much more eye-catching and interesting than a regular postcard.

It is something guests will love to look at and will be excited to share.

Plus, fold-out cards come with extra space!

You can fill it up with photos of your daughter as well as important party information. Since most quinceaneras have a few different parts, you’ll be glad to have all the details in one place for guests to refer back to.

This can help lower the number of phone calls and questions you get on the day of. Guests won’t have as many reasons to call you and you will have all the time to enjoy the special events.

3. Sophisticated Scrolls

Since a quinceanera is a particularly special moment that only happens once, maybe do something even fancier for the invites.

Take all the information you wanted to put on a fold-out card and place it on a scroll.

Scrolls are a fun, elegant invite approach. They are something your teenage daughter can enjoy making and something guests will be impressed by, too.

4. Magic Boxes

To really impress the people you want to invite, use magic boxes as your quinceanera invites.

These are small boxes that come wrapped in a ribbon and unravel with all the information you need to share. Each side of the box has a set of details.

In the middle, a small gift or a representation of the quinceanera is placed as the foundation.

Since magic boxes are especially intricate, you can limit how many you get.

Instead of using them to invite everyone on the guest list, send these as the court’s special invites!

Choosing the Right Words for Your Quinceanera Invitation Ideas

It’s one thing to know what you want your daughter’s quinceanera invites to look like.

But, it’s another to decide exactly what to say!

Click here for a guide on how to word the quinceanera invite.